Powder Coating

Powder Coating and Fluorocarbon/ Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)


Our fully-automated vertical powder coating line comes equipped with advanced spray booth and guns from Wagner, Germany. Together with our horizontal powder coating lines, they can deliver a total annual capacity of 24,000 metric tonnes.

The ALBECoat fully integrated powder-coating process offers additional surface finishing that meets the ever-growing demands of our customers and which adheres to the RAL International Colour Code Standard. This single application coating provides a wide-range of solid and metallic colours with different gloss levels and options for texture finish.

In addition, the ALBECoat Fluorocarbon/ Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) finishing is another high-quality process which involves thinly applying wet-paint to workpieces via electrostatic spray to form a film, which is further heated to polymerize and cure the coating. Fluorocarbon/ Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) uses a 4-coat system provides excellent colour consistency against fading and UV rays.

Technical Data:

Powder Coating Properties
Film Thickness (ISO 2360) – average above 60 micron
Gloss (ISO 2813, 60 degrees) – 20-40%, 50-95%
Impact Resistant (D2794-5/8” ballat 40ib.in) – direct and reverse (both no cracking)
Conical Mandrel (ISO 6860) – no cracking at 5mm diameter
Adhesion (ISO 2409) – GT = 0
Salt Spray Resistance
ASTM B 117-73 on chromated Aluminium, 2000 hrs (no blistering or loss of adhesion)
Humidity Resistance
ASTM D2247 on chromated Aluminium, 1000 hrs (no blistering or loss of adhesion)
Accelerated Weathering
DIN 53231 1000 hrs Suntest (150 kilolux, 40 degree C, UV limit 320 nm, water immersion every 20 mins) – total colour change (washed) Delta E = 0.8 – 3.0, excellent gloss retention, negligible chalking
Natural Weathering – Florida Exposure
24 months exposure – excellent gloss retention. Neglible chalking


ALWood is a revolutionary new design in wood patterns for aluminum surfaces which adds a natural rich touch of fantasy and elegance to your surroundings. Pro-environment, multi-coloured and refined, ALWood is a work of art accomplished through further heat transfer lamination process on the powder coated finish. ALWood is multi-dimensional and specially designed for both indoors and outdoors.

Tests and requirements for wood grain finishing products:

Test Item Test method

Accelerated weathering test, 1000 hours

EN ISO 11341

Thickness measurement

ISO 2808

Acetic acid salt spray test, 1000 hours

ISO 9227

Kesternich moist sulphur dioxide test, 24 cycles

ISO 3231

Pressure cooker test (resistance to boiling water)

BS EN 12206-1

Pencil hardness

ASTM D3363

Abrasion test by falling sand


Impact test

ASTM D2794

Adhesion test (cross-cut test)

ISO 2409

Cylindrical mandrel bend test, 5mm

ISO 1519

Solvent test for polymerization (MEK resistance test, 30 double rub)

ASTM D5402

Natural outdoor exposure test, 1 year

ISO 2810