As a testament to our philosophy of green innovation, LB Aluminium Group has set up Malaysia’s first and only eco-friendly ‘Green’ vertical anodising plant. Adhering to Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), the plant possesses fully automated computerised control to obtain consistency and uniformity of quality anodised finishes.

Our total anodising capacity stands at 36,000 metric tonnes annually from both the vertical and horizontal lines, with anodising capabilities for extrusions as long as 6.75 metres. Additionally, ALBEColor Anodised finishes come in colours ranging from natural anodised to light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze and black anodised. Colour depth extends up to 25 microns with further options for sand-blasting finishing.

Plant specifications:

Film Thickness 10, 15, 20, 25 microns
Anodising Dimensions up to 6.75m
Jigging Marks approximately 50 mm
Finishing Available Baroque Black (Black Anodised), Davy Bronze (Dark Bronze), Merlot Bronze (Medium Bronze), Light Champagne Bronze (Light Bronze), Natural Silver (Natural Anodised), Sand Blasting.
Finishing Quality ISO 3210 Standard, ISO 7599 Standard