LB Aluminium Berhad is one of the largest aluminium extrusion manufacturers in South-East Asia. Our production facilities are completely integrated and boast 14 extrusion presses with annual production capacity of 90,000 metric tonnes. With the newly acquired 4300 tonnes extrusion press, we are now capable to produce extrusion profiles up to 300mm in CCD (Circumscribing Circle Diameter) with 11" billet size.

Our extrusion presses from UBE, Japan, are capable of producing extrusions of various sizes. Accessories for the presses include billet heaters and log-shears from Cometal, Italy, and Granco-Clark, USA. To ensure proper cooling of the profiles to the required tensile, we have the quenching box from Cometal, Italy. Double puller from Cometal Italy and Granco-Clark, USA also ensure that the equipment is operating at optimum efficiency.

By implementing checks and balances throughout our manufacturing processes and by requiring our business associates adhere to our strict specifications, we ensure that our products are consistently of a superior quality.